I earned my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Specifically, I studied health outcomes and risk factors in the adolescent children of bipolar parents. This work led to the creation of a program developed to help parents and their children cope with stress and improve their relationships. During my clinical training I was exposed to a vast array of treatment approaches across diverse sites including the Allan Edwards Chronic Pain Unit and the McGill University Eating Disorder Program and Mental Health Service.  My predoctoral internship was completed at the McGill University Health Center within the Sex and Couples Therapy clinic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy service. 


Adolescents and Young Adults:

Anxiety (school-related, exam-related, social anxiety)
Eating disorders and body image issues 
Life transitions
Identity development and autonomy-support
Social skills training
Borderline Personality Disorder 

Adult and Couples: 

Chronic pain
Sexual dysfunctions (pain during intercourse, erectile dysfunction, sexual addiction, etc.)
Post-partum intimacy issues (couples and individuals)
Relationship problems (couples and individuals)
Social skills training
Eating disorders and body image issues
Stress management
Work-life balance
Parenting support and training

Dr Rami Nijjar, Clinical Psychologist